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Alice: Madness Returns Fashion Inspiration!

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. It has been my favorite Disney classic movie since the first time I saw it. Better yet…every now and then a great re-imaging and version of the classic story comes mainstream. The characters are lovable, the story is cute and magical, and Alice is what I consider a Disney princess (even though she’s not a princess…). Alice in Wonderland is timeless. There’s so much one can do with it.

With my love for anything Tim Burton-esque, it was obvious that American McGee’s Alice (a video game for the PC) caught my attention. Its a twisted look on the classic Alice. In the game Alice has lost her marbles due to the death of her family and ends up in an asylum. Her mind is in ruins and so she resorts to going back to somewhere familiar- Wonderland. However, Wonderland is in more trouble than Alice. It’s also in ruins and so are the characters…but I won’t spoil it for you! Recently American McGee has released a sequel to Alice- American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns! I feel as though this one is more well known, since its for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and Windows 7/Mac.

What captures me about Alice is the girl herself. She has that dark and mysterious, yet beautiful and intriging, look about her. Here, look for yourself:

She’s a protagonist that wears blood stained clothing and wields a sinister kitchen knife, what could be better than that! (Although the knife is really the Vorpal Blade) Her eyes and hair are dark just like the game, and her stance tells us that we’re in for a good game 😀

So, I had an idea. Just like how I made and “Alex in Wonderland” inspired outfit for Halloween…I’m going to do an outfit inspired by Alice: Madness Returns. I hope you enjoy!


First things first, we’ll need blood splatter. The creative route would be to buy a white blazer and splatter red paint on it, however, I chose to go a more subtle and “Hot Topic” route if you know what I mean by that. Here I found a white t-shirt with a blood splatter graphic on it. (Found at http://oldglory.com/lp/Blood-Splatter-T-Shirt/p/044952TJTS for $14.95): I just love the bloody hand print by the way :DDDD

Next I wanted to find something that symbolized Alice’s stripped leggings, since our men’s look will not include leggings. I found a long-sleeved black and white striped shirt that would look great underneath the blood splatter tee. The picture here is from ASOS.com for $40…however, you can find a shirt like this just about anywhere for half the cost.

Next we need to layer the outfit with the use of a vest or blazer. I chose a vest over a blazer because I used a blazer for my Alex in Wonderland outfit. I wanted to change it up a bit 😀 Choosing a black or grey vest is the best way to go since it will create contrast with the black and white shirt and the white and red blood splatter tee. Here I have two choices for you.

Both of these vests are from Forever 21 and range from about $18 to $25…which is well within any budget. With the vests we aren’t going to wear them buttoned up because we want to show off the blood. Don’t add any fake blood to the vests, since it will make the outfit look too Halloween like. Also, the clean cut look of the vests will mimic the clean blue dress of Alice’s.

Like the Alex outfit, I’m choosing a nice dark blue skinny jean for the pants. The color is pretty similar to Alice’s dress, and the skinny look mimics Alice’s tight leggings. These pants are from ASOS.com for $65, but you can find these at a better price pretty much anywhere.For the footwear I chose a black leather boot with buckles on it. These boots are from an expensive designer, but the picture is mainly for show. You can find similar boots for anywhere from $50-$100…depending on how much you want to spend. Make sure the boots rise above the ankle, since Alice’s “goth” boots are almost knee length, but for us guys, stay about mid-shin.

For the accessory, if you know where to come across Alice’s signature horseshoe necklace, let me know. However, since I couldn’t find one, I found this witch symbol necklace by browsing Google. This is a pewter Celtic symbol from Amazon.com. I thought it looked neat and magical so I thought it would be a great necklace to go with the look. Also, it matches the silver in our boots.

And there’s our completed look. If you have any comments or suggestions. Feel free to let me know. I hope you all enjoy this amazing Alice: Madness Returns inspired outfit. Its Edwardian, trendy, and dark just like Alice 😀

Images by Google.