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Halloween: Alex in Wonderland

Halloween is right around the corner, yet I have no costume to show for it >< Of course this bothers me beyond belief, since All Hallow’s Eve is my favorite holiday. Halloween is the most magical time of year. Halloween is no longer restricted by the choices of going as a witch, skeleton, mummy, ghoul, ghost, or devil (these typical Halloween costumes are shown in on of my favorite classic movies The Halloween Tree). Personally, I value the simple and typical costumes as opposed to the annoying  creations produced in today’s generation: examples like Gothic fairies, Candy corn witches, ketchup and mustard bottles, high school cliches of jocks or nerds, the list is endless. The idea of Halloween is to scare off evil spirits by dressing up as scary representations of creatures in common folk lore- this is where vampires, werewolves, and witches come from. Where the hell does a Candy corn fairy show up in history; it doesn’t!

I hate to admit that I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I have wanted to stray away from the iconic Halloween costumes and try creating my own interpretation of an iconic character. Alice in Wonderland is in my top three Disney movies list, along side Beauty and the Beast and The Hutchback on Notre Dame. Obviously, I wouldn’t want to throw on Alice’s dress and wear a long blonde wing and carry around a pink flamingo…so I thought I’d brainstorm a modern male interpretation of Alice. So, I want to go as Alex of Wonderland. I have the whole blonde hair and blue eyes already, so I’ll use the colors of Alice’s typical dress to create an outfit for Alex.

I first had to think of what a man would have worn in the time period set in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I wasn’t about to go out and purchase an Edwardian suit by any means, so an inexpensive casual blazer will have to do. Besides, the items I would purchase for the costume can all be worn outside of Halloween. A blazer is a must for any wardrobe. This blazer happens to be a $79 Havanera Co. Herringbone Blazer from JC Pennys. I personally wouldn’t buy it for that price, but H&M or Forever21 might have cheaper alternatives. The blazer is white so that it reflects Alice’s apron tied around her blue dress. If you have grey, go with that, but any other colors or black won’t due for this look.

Next we’ll need a pair a skinny/slim jeans. Why skinny? Simple, Alice’s look is sleek (ignoring the fact that her dress is puffy at times) so we want a sleek and slim look with the pants. Also, slim jeans fit better with the boots we are going to use for footwear. You can find a good pair a navy blue/dark blue jeans at H&M for $19.99. Stay away from blue jeans since the look will be too casual and normal looking. We want a solid blue color. Stay away from white pants unless you’re going to wear a blue blazer.

Choosing a V-neck for our undershirt is a great choice since we are modernizing the Alice outfit. A neutral color will look classy with the white blazer. I chose a light grey V-neck that was relatively inexpensive on Google shopping. You can substitute a neutral colored v neck sweater in as well if you’re worried about the chilly weather.

Boots are very popular this time of year, and in Chicago its increasingly popular to have your pant legs tucked inside of them to give off a stylish look. Here I chose a pair of boots from Forever 21 (21 Men) that cost $34. Not too bad for a pair of boots. And I actually bought these a week ago. The leather brown boots were inspired by a picture I saw of Edwardian men’s fashion (I do hope I have the right era down). Either way, you end up having a great pair of boots at the end of Halloween.

Your outfit is all done. Optionally, but highly recommended, I would purchase a few items that will give off a more “Hey, I’m from Wonderland” vibe so that friends know what you’re going for. To the right is a Drink Me bottle key chain that can be purchased on Amazon for around $10. Clipping it to your pants’ belt loop and letting it hang around will give you more of a Alice feel to the outfit. I’d also suggest maybe pinning a couple playing cards here and there to reflect the scene where Alice is being chased by the card soldiers. Also, you can take some face paint and paint a heart, spade, club, or diamond on one of your cheeks.

I hope you all enjoyed my idea for an Alice (Alex) in Wonderland inspired Halloween outfit. Although, you could wear this any time you like. This outfit is by far cheaper than $100, and you can find all these items to total about $60 if you look around for the best prices.

If you have any questions or comments please post them. Also, all photos shown in this post are from Google Images. Until next time 😀