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It’s a beautiful night, and there’s nothing dumb to do ><

Hi there 😀

My first blog post. Well, I’ve blogged before but then dropped it since I wasn’t liking it much. With that set aside, I’ve had time to contemplate on what I want my blog to be: a place where my interests in fashion, people, products, food, and zombie apocalypses can make a difference in your life. My blog may not cure awkward situations or the flu, but entertaining you with my life may be an alternative route to your normal Saturday night spent eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching Desperate Housewives re-runs (…that may just be my typical Saturday…).

I plan to post twice a week. Writing down my ideas, thoughts, and reflections that pop up in my mind like an epiphany helps me to get my creative juices flowing. Besides, fame is obtained solely through the internet these days…who needs talent? Just kidding, fame isn’t important to me at all. I’d settle for just having Google pay me to have ads strategically placed on my blog site 😀 *Hint hint* My blog is a spring board for your opinions as well. Have a comment? Leave a comment. Share a comment. That’s my motto!

I feel as though I should share a few things about myself. I was born in Joliet, Illinios (represent!) and lived there all my life. However, I currently live in the heart of Chicago for university. I’m majoring in Advertising, no current minor, but feel that I’m going down the wrong path. Hell, I want to be a chemist, biologist, journalist, model, hair stylist, fashion designer, anthropologist, medic, musician, entrepreneur…with a minor in french, sign language, and snotty rich kid who gets what he wants. I can do all that, right? But in all seriousness, I dropped the journalism career because of high school drama that ruined that path for me; also, I would hate to have to interview random ass people. I’m not bitter…

Every post I’ll feed you a little more of my personal life 😀 As for now, I’m getting tired of typing. This is where I place a nice catchy goodbye phrase ______________!