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Alice: Madness Returns Fashion Inspiration!

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. It has been my favorite Disney classic movie since the first time I saw it. Better yet…every now and then a great re-imaging and version of the classic story comes mainstream. The characters are lovable, the story is cute and magical, and Alice is what I consider a Disney princess (even though she’s not a princess…). Alice in Wonderland is timeless. There’s so much one can do with it.

With my love for anything Tim Burton-esque, it was obvious that American McGee’s Alice (a video game for the PC) caught my attention. Its a twisted look on the classic Alice. In the game Alice has lost her marbles due to the death of her family and ends up in an asylum. Her mind is in ruins and so she resorts to going back to somewhere familiar- Wonderland. However, Wonderland is in more trouble than Alice. It’s also in ruins and so are the characters…but I won’t spoil it for you! Recently American McGee has released a sequel to Alice- American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns! I feel as though this one is more well known, since its for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and Windows 7/Mac.

What captures me about Alice is the girl herself. She has that dark and mysterious, yet beautiful and intriging, look about her. Here, look for yourself:

She’s a protagonist that wears blood stained clothing and wields a sinister kitchen knife, what could be better than that! (Although the knife is really the Vorpal Blade) Her eyes and hair are dark just like the game, and her stance tells us that we’re in for a good game 😀

So, I had an idea. Just like how I made and “Alex in Wonderland” inspired outfit for Halloween…I’m going to do an outfit inspired by Alice: Madness Returns. I hope you enjoy!


First things first, we’ll need blood splatter. The creative route would be to buy a white blazer and splatter red paint on it, however, I chose to go a more subtle and “Hot Topic” route if you know what I mean by that. Here I found a white t-shirt with a blood splatter graphic on it. (Found at http://oldglory.com/lp/Blood-Splatter-T-Shirt/p/044952TJTS for $14.95): I just love the bloody hand print by the way :DDDD

Next I wanted to find something that symbolized Alice’s stripped leggings, since our men’s look will not include leggings. I found a long-sleeved black and white striped shirt that would look great underneath the blood splatter tee. The picture here is from ASOS.com for $40…however, you can find a shirt like this just about anywhere for half the cost.

Next we need to layer the outfit with the use of a vest or blazer. I chose a vest over a blazer because I used a blazer for my Alex in Wonderland outfit. I wanted to change it up a bit 😀 Choosing a black or grey vest is the best way to go since it will create contrast with the black and white shirt and the white and red blood splatter tee. Here I have two choices for you.

Both of these vests are from Forever 21 and range from about $18 to $25…which is well within any budget. With the vests we aren’t going to wear them buttoned up because we want to show off the blood. Don’t add any fake blood to the vests, since it will make the outfit look too Halloween like. Also, the clean cut look of the vests will mimic the clean blue dress of Alice’s.

Like the Alex outfit, I’m choosing a nice dark blue skinny jean for the pants. The color is pretty similar to Alice’s dress, and the skinny look mimics Alice’s tight leggings. These pants are from ASOS.com for $65, but you can find these at a better price pretty much anywhere.For the footwear I chose a black leather boot with buckles on it. These boots are from an expensive designer, but the picture is mainly for show. You can find similar boots for anywhere from $50-$100…depending on how much you want to spend. Make sure the boots rise above the ankle, since Alice’s “goth” boots are almost knee length, but for us guys, stay about mid-shin.

For the accessory, if you know where to come across Alice’s signature horseshoe necklace, let me know. However, since I couldn’t find one, I found this witch symbol necklace by browsing Google. This is a pewter Celtic symbol from Amazon.com. I thought it looked neat and magical so I thought it would be a great necklace to go with the look. Also, it matches the silver in our boots.

And there’s our completed look. If you have any comments or suggestions. Feel free to let me know. I hope you all enjoy this amazing Alice: Madness Returns inspired outfit. Its Edwardian, trendy, and dark just like Alice 😀

Images by Google.


Newly employed

I believe that I’ve mentioned that I recently was going to/had a job interview at the amazing clothing store H&M. To my surprise, H&M has decided to bring me on as a new sales associate in training!

I’ll be honest, I’m nervous as all hell. The interview process was scary, since job interviews are one of my fears, however, since I got the job I’m assuming to them I did just well 😀 Thank goodness…because during my first interview I thought I could have done loads better; there were a few times that I wasn’t prepared for the question and I had to think of a choppy-sounding explanation off the top of my head. The best feeling was leaving the interviewing office. Don’t get me wrong, the two creative directors (one being in training herself for a hiring position) were very nice. The worst thing with getting a job is having an intimidating interviewer.

There’s so many nicely dressed, well put-together, and stylish workers at H&M, which is what inspired me to both shop and apply for a job there. So, during the interview process, I was hoping that the outfit I wore really showed off that I’m what H&M was looking for. I wore a nice grey shawl sweater that I had bought from the store the day before the interview, a pair of solid dark blue skinny jeans also from the store, and a pair of brown leather boots from Forever 21 that put the outfit together. I had hoped that it was enough to show I have fashionable potential. Regardless of what I was wearing, my insecurities were having me think that no matter what, there was probably some amazing hipster dressed 20 year old who had retail experience that was also applying for the position. I’m happy to say that I lucked out. I really need to get past thinking everyone is better than me…oh well, I’ll get to that somewhere down the line.

I was called back and asked to come in later in the week to talk with the store manager. I didn’t know whether this meant that I had the job or not, but my friends reassured me that usually a second interview is almost always positive. I wore the only other H&M shirt I had along with the same pair of pants and boots (Hey, it’s a recession…). The store manager was a little more intimidating than the two creative directors that I had been interview by, but I kept my cool. The meeting focused on making sure I’m the right match for the position. We talked about my job experience, my school schedule, and whether or not it would interfere with work. Luckily, when he had said that I’m being hired, he told me the hours I was working and introduced me to the associate who was going to train me during the two week training period. I was excited that my schedule was a few 8-9 hour shifts (I never had that many hours at my previous jobs ><).

Then the other day I came in to start my job orientation. This was basically another person who had just been hired and myself sitting in a room with a manager as she talked about the history, motto, and day to day job expectations of H&M. Also, we got to go on a tour of the store (which is 3 stories) and finished with filling out paperwork.

Now, today is the big day, as I am going in for a 3-11pm shift of pure training. I’m unsure of if it’s going to be hands-on or if I’m just going to be instructed on how to do everything. Apparently, some of the training is me learning on my own, but honestly, I’d rather be babied into learning the ins and outs. I’m terrified >< I think I’m the only person in the world who gets nervous over this stuff. I mean really, I got the job, so why am I still nervous?

Anyways, that’s all I had to say. I feel like typing it out makes me less nervous. Wish me luck on my job! If you have any questions or comments, please post them 😀

I’m a poor and broke unfortunate soul

Its Thursday morning. I didn’t sleep last night. Instead, I slept right after my Wednesday classes until about 11pm. I got up, and then laid back down and watched random television programs like Hoarders and Long Island Medium until I decided to print off a few shipping labels in my dorm’s computer lab (The shipping labels are for my textbooks that I’m having sent in to make some $$$).

Today I’m pretty nervous. I have a second job interview at H&M later on this afternoon. I went in last week and made what I thought was a good first impression to the two creative directors. Cross your fingers! I’m not sure what a second interview means; the woman who called me asked if I could come in today and talk to another manager. Is that good? Who the hell knows…but getting a call back has to mean I stuck some interest in them :DDDD My life is depending on this job. Not only would it be major brownie points to have a job at a clothing store, especially at the amazing H&M, but it’s definitely a confidence boost for me. I’ll share a little secret: there’s a guy I’m crushing on that I know loves H&M…if I get a job here this would be a major shared interest! With crushes aside, I have been wanting to gain retail experience; really when you think about it, a clothing store job is definitely a teenagers dream. I’m just sick and tired of being broke, and working at a fast food restaurant during the summers.

H&M would be a match made in heaven for me: I love their clothes, the ambience, the energy, the workers, did I mention I love the clothes. Their apperal seems to be the best price out there. Being in Chicago, good deals are hard to come by. Also, H&M’s quality is amazing; a button-up shirt I purchased last year has just recently started to fade…and I’ve worn it quite a lot. Since I’m so self-conscious of what I’m wearing, getting that employee discount will be a big help in getting a new wardrobe. Have you seen the workers at H&M…they’re so fashionable. Still, it can be intimidating to have an interview there. I had bought a sweater the day before the interview and a pair of boots from Forever 21 so that I was on my game. My friends’ reassured me I looked the part (and I had a fresh haircut at Sassoon Academy hours before my interview). Worker along side my stylish coworkers will hopefully help me to become a fashionista (even though I’ve mentioned that I hate that word).

I hope all goes well. If I don’t get this job I’ll have no money for my laptop payments, my loan payments, or groceries to feed myself. >< And even if I do get the job, I’m going to need a good $100+ so I can pick up a few things to put outfits together. I can’t work at H&M while wearing Old Navy hoodies…it seems like Old Navy is a fungus growing in my closet. (Sorry Old Navy, I love you, but we going to have to break up).

Enough of me babbling, right? I have to get back my The Sims Social on Facebook peoples. Until next time 😀 Stay sharp (how’s that for a catch phrase?)